This procedure is appropriate for a broad range of vessels, with particularly good results for spider veins and broken capillaries (known as telangiectasia).

The intense pulse light is absorbed by the veins and causes destruction of the vessel and coagulation of the blood within. The remnants are later re-absorbed by the body and blood flow is redirected. All the healing takes place below the skin surface.

This procedure is particularly good results for spider veins and broken capillaries…

Significant results will be seen about 2–6 weeks after the first treatment, however final results may not be apparent for several months. Follow-up treatments may or may not be necessary. It is possible that new veins will appear, especially if you are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The procedure may sting a little. After treatment, for the first 24 hours, a slight reddening and local swelling of the skin may result. It is recommended that you do not take hot baths, showers or partake in vigorous physical activity during this time.