IPL can effectively remove all kinds of skin pigmentation.

Results are usually achieved in just 1–3 treatments. The best results are seen on more visible pigmentation as dark spots selectively absorb the intense pulse light. More colour ensures better attraction, which breaks up the pigmentation, allowing it to be released from the skin.

Results are usually achieved in just 1–3 treatments…

During the procedure a brief pinching sensation will be felt. This is kept to a minimum due to the unique cooling system, which cools the skin to minus 5 degrees before the intense pulse light is emitted. After the treatment, clients may feel a diffused stinging, similar to sunburn. In the days that follow the spots will become darker and look like a small graze. It is important that you do not try to pick off the pigmentation, but let it fall off naturally. This will happen after a few weeks, revealing clear skin.

IPL makes your skin sensitive to the sunlight. Due to this you should wear SPF 30+ after any procedures using the IPL. Sunscreen also minimizes the formation of new pigmentation on the skin.