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Skin Solutions – Exclusive New Zealand supplier of Pallisen Beauty Machines.

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Skin Solutions specialises in intense pulse light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) beauty treatments, providing quality services to people wanting skin rejuvenation and hair, vein or pigmentation removal or cellulite reduction.

We pride ourselves on providing effective treatments for all skin types, colours and problems, seeing excellent results in all of these areas. Due to the latest cooling system on the treatment handle of our IPL machines, safety is ensured while keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Skin Solutions is your complete IPL and RF provider.

IPL and RF is the latest in skin and beauty technology and many clinics are now utilizing this amazing treatment procedure. We are delighted that we can support health professionals and those in the beauty industry by supplying our high quality machines.

Introduced to our leasing products is our new SHR (Super Hair Removal) machine. Being totally painless – is its biggest feature, bringing the temperature of the hair follicle up slowly instead of pulsating heat to the area, in turn keeping skin extremely safe with no chance of burning unlike the old technology which no getting away from it, was painful! This has been completely taken away and has become a very pleasant treatment with high effectiveness for hair removal of all colors and skin types.

Diode with three wave lengths is highly effective for hair removal and is classed as gold standard but in a clinic but ONLY does hair removal, where as the SHR machine has all other component treatment therapies included – Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular, Pigmentation, which means the SHR is the choice of products as its a whole platform of skin treatments.

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