LED Light Therapy

3 types of high-quality LED lights are able to treat each different skin troubles, such as normal-skin, acne and even atopic dermatitis.

Dr.Light supports Red LED(415nm), blue LED (656nm), and infrared LED (830nm). The advantage of LED device is that it has no side-effect and able to do painless treatment on wider area such as face, neck, and even scalp.


  • Soothe stimulated skin
  • Control sebum secretion
  • Pore tightening
  • Skin tightening
  • Improve skin tone
  • Improve skin moisturizing


415 nm Blue Light
Penetration depth: 1 mm

-Ultraviolet rays wavelength
-Applied nearest wavelength to Ultraviolet rays

-Soothing skin problems
-Acne bactericidal effect
-Wound infection
-Acne Treatment
-Calm distressed areas
-Excess sebum’s control



656 nm Red Light
Penetration depth: 1~6mm

-Visible rays wavelength
-Applied nearest wavelength to visible rays

-Blood circulation
-Skin cell regeneration
-Pain Relief
-Enhance active ingredient
-Firming the sagging skin
-Skin brightening


830 nm Infrared

Penetration depth: Deeper than other lights

-Infrared rays wavelength(invisible)
-Infrared rays with high energy

-Heating effect through the skin absorption of IR energy
-Synergy effect through Red and Blue LED


For Lease:
$50 +gst per/wk

To Buy:
$4,800.00 +gst